Hot Belly Mamas

Moving to Peterborough and not knowing a single person here has made a table for one become a standard in my life. And I have to say, I kind of love it! Though I do miss sharing plates and being able to try more than just one dish. Alas, one dish is better than none, so off I went to my first stop, Hot Belly Mamas. This restaurant has made leaving Toronto a little less painful.

There eclectic decor is quite a site for the eyes and imagination. Every where you look, there are interesting photos, articles and items. It reminds me of your cool uncle’s basement where there’s a good story behind every piece.

Hot Sauce at Hot belly mamas PeterboroughHotbellymamasCajancatfish-2

The menu includes a mix of southern dishes including po’ boys, blackened chicken, pizzas, and roti. But what keeps me coming back is their cajun catfish. Mildly spicy battered catfish that is oh so perfectly cooked, sweet potato frites, and a salad all for $13.99 makes my belly and wallet happy.


Joined to the Olde Stone Brewing company, you can be sure to have a delicious pint of beer. If you like a full bodied beer, their stout and old wild ale are fragrant and flavourful.  Another thing I loved was how friendly and welcoming the staff are. On my last visit, they gave me a little lesson on the history of Wellington beer.


As much as I try to make an effort to visit new restaurants, I often find myself going back for some delicious New Orleans’ comfort food. If you’re passing by Peterborough, I’d highly recommend making a pit stop here.


Hot Belly Mamas

378 George Street North
Peterborough, ON, K9H 3R3