Maternity photos

If there’s one thing in the world I can’t get enough of, it’s babies. There is absolutely nothing I love more than cuddling a newborn and just taking in their intoxicatingly delicious new baby smell. (Is that creepy? Other people feel this way too, right?) Well luckily for me, we just had two little ones join the family this year! And there’s plenty more to come!

Anyways.. some of you may remember Rachel from my Europe posts. She’s the craziest, funnest, and most ridiculous girl I know and she has added so much colour into my already colourful life. She’s expecting her first baby so of course I had to grab the camera and snap some photos of her gorgeous baby bump. She’s 8 months pregnant here and she kept saying that she felt huge and wasn’t loving the way she looked. Please tell her that her she’s crazy!

Hope you like the photos!

Toronto maternity photos by Ngoc NguyenI’ve had a few people ask about this photo so here are some tips if you want to take one for yourself. This was taken against a plain wall with a big window in front of her. We wrapped a bed sheet and she held the one end together with her hand that’s hidden. Remember to pull tightly around the bust and belly to really show off the shape of the body. We had to carefully fold each of those little creases to make sure the sheet laid nice and flat against her body. 

Toronto maternity photosBelly bump with heartSince we had a big white sheet handy, we hung it from one of the windows in her living room and used it as a plain backdrop that also doubled as some nice back lighting. 

Maternity photo by Ngoc NguyenWe used the bed sheet again here and just laid it on the couch to give a non-distracting surface so we could keep the focus on her.


different maternity photos by Ngoc Nguyen

If you’re in Toronto and are interested in booking a photo shoot, feel free to contact me at Rates start at $175/hour.