DIY: Pretty painted glass jars


If you’ve been on pinterest at all in the last few months, then you’ve probably seen all those pretty paint coloured glass bottles. With a rare afternoon off, I decided to give this easy, inexpensive project a try.


What you need:

  • clean glass bottles
  • some paint
  • either a bowl or a ziplock bag to mix the paints

I used some old alcohol bottles but any clear glass bottles or jars will work. I used acrylic paint since it’s easy to find and cheap but if you want to fill the bottles with water, you’ll want to use a waterproof paint.

Used a ziplock bag or a bowl and spoon to mix the colours. Make sure you mix a lot so you don’t run out of paint. Pour it into your bottle and slowly turn the bottle to coat all the surface on the inside with paint.

Hold the bottle upside down once it’s all evenly coated to get rid of any excess paint. You might want to let it stand upside down for 5 minutes and then slowly pick it up and let the paint drip out and then leave it again. I was a bit anxious and ended up spilling paint everywhere so make sure you lay down some paper so you don’t get paint everywhere.

That’s it! Such a simple idea and it’s so easy to match it to your home decor!