Camel Kisses

I’ve always been a fan of doing tourist things in your own city. I’m an even bigger fan when these things are free.

donkey in peterborough zooThat’s how I found myself strutting through the Peterborough Riverview Park and Zoo on a Saturday morning. Open from 8:30am until dusk every day, it’s a great place to bring the family.camelkisses copy

I had expected this to be a tiny park with a few rabbits and turtles but I was pleasently surprised. They had a few felines, otters, giant camels and llammas, and a good variety of other furry friends. There is always a great playground and picnic area for parents to sit and relax while the kids copy the monkeys on the jungle gym. Or splash around in the water park.

IMG_0682 copy

IMG_0686 copy

I’ll take 3 of them please. This will guarantee that I have couple dozen by the next day.

IMG_0645 copy

If you find yourself with nothing to do on a sunny day in Peterborough, I’d definitely recommended taking a stroll through this cute zoo. And drop some change in their donation box to help keep it running.

Riverview Park & Zoo 

1230 Water St
Peterborough Ontario