DIY: Turn an old bottle into a pretty gold vase

After a trip to the market and coming home with more sunflowers than I have vases for, I had to whip up a quick solution. After digging through the recycling bin, I found an empty tequila bottle that would be perfect. Make sure you peel off any labels so that your finished project is nice and smooth. I use hot water and steel wool to get off the stubborn labels.


Gold spray paint has become a staple around the house so I grabbed a can, an old pizza box and some paper and set up shop on the balcony. If it’s a windy day, I’d recommend taping down your cardboard/paper so it doesn’t blow on to your project.

IMG_0071 copy

I used Krylon Premium 18k Gold plate spray paint. When spraying layers, multiple thin layers works much better than trying to cover everything in one coat. When you spray on a layer that is too think, the paint doesn’t dry as quick and it will start to drip down the bottle.



The whole project took a little over an hour and I thinkĀ it’s a nice addition to my desk.